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Top-5 Home Design Trends of 2017

If you are looking for ways to improve your home – whether it’s just a decorating of your interior or completely revamping your living space for renewed inspiration, take a look at homes design trends for 2017:

Community Gathering Spaces

The combination of more time spent on social media and at work and the fact that fewer people live near their family members has caused many to feel isolated and crave face-to-face interactions. Multifamily buildings and even single-family residential developments are rushing to offer an array of amenity spaces to serve this need. Some popular options include clubhouses with spiffy kitchens, outdoor decks with pools and movie screens, fitness centers with group classes, and drive-up areas for food-truck socials

Healthier Homes

Consumers have been increasingly aware of hazardous indoor environments over the last few years. Homeowners are actively seeking out healthy water supplies, purifiers, and HVAC systems, along with nontoxic paints and adhesives. A newer element to this trend in 2017 will include enhanced environmental testing.


Surface-Deep Energy Conservation

As energy costs continue to increase, the search is on for ways to save. Incentives to do so only increase as states and municipalities enact new, stricter energy codes. While energy-wise appliances and more efficient HVAC systems are still appealing to homeowners looking to save on their utility bills, less costly surface upgrades are gaining in popularity.

Go Greenery

Getting your daily greens is taking on a new meaning this year. Whether you incorporate plants into your decor, select pops of color through furniture choices or allow your windows to frame the natural greenery of the outdoors, you and your home will feel rejuvenated by adding plenty of greens.


Mixing old design styles to create brand new atmospheres

2017’s home design trends are all about creating lush spaces by taking traditional designs and making them modern with unique color, texture and material choices. The latest in home decor and design trends mean plenty of jewel tones, sustainability, practicality, texture and green in every shade. We will see a greater mix of classic and traditional with simplicity and modern, sleek furniture.

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