SELL SMART BUY SMARTER! Save Thousands When Working Only With A Communie Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Communie?

Communie is an innovated online home buyer and seller service that is disrupting the market showing consumers the way to save thousands of dollars of their equity. We want to empower consumers to sell smart and buy smarter. Every dollar saved is equity saved.


How much does Communie cost?

Communie is completely free to use, there is no cost to you to use our service.


How is buying a home with Communie different than going straight to the builder?

By going straight to the builder you will be working solely with their agents, when you work with Communie, we are protecting your interest and savings by having our agents help you through the process.


How much money can Communie save me?

The amount of money Communie can save you depends on the purchase price of your home. By working with Communie you could potentially save 1% of your home purchase price, receive a 1% discount on your mortgage fee’s, a Vivint Smart Home which is valued at $2,000, and we can also help you get potential builder savings!


Can I work with Communie to sell my home?

Yes, Communie is a home buying and selling service. We also give you an incredible savings of 2% of your home sale price.


Can Communie help me get pre-approved?

Yes, Communie is partnered with Security National Mortgage and will direct you to someone who can help you get pre-approved.