SELL SMART BUY SMARTER! Save Thousands When You Work With A Communie Agent

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Communie?

Communie is an online platform providing new construction and existing home real estate information while showing consumers there is a way to save thousands of dollars in the home buying and selling process.

We want to empower our clients by helping them buy and sell smarter. Every dollar saved is equity earned.


How much does Communie cost?

When using Communie to buy your home is doesn’t cost anything, in fact we help you as the buyer save money.

When selling with Communie we offer a discount on our fees BUT without discounting our service.


Why Should You use Communie instead of going straight to the builder?

When buying and selling real estate it is always best to have your own representation. The builder is the seller and has hired their own agents to work on their behalf, so you want someone to work on yours. The seller/builder in most cases has already offered to pay a Buyer’s Agent Commission (BAC). This is why there is no cost to the buyer when purchasing.


How much can Communie Save me?

The amount of money the buyer can save is based on the purchase price of your new home and how much the BAC is that is offered (every builder can vary).

When selling your home Communie offers up to a 1% discount on the listing.


What can the Communie Incentive be used for?

When buying with Communie you can use the up to 1% (based off the BAC) towards closing costs, options and upgrades and also towards buying down your interest rate (this also depends on the builder and the buyers lender.) At no time can this be used for part of the buyers down payment, earnest money or cash after closing.


Can Communie help me get Pre-approved?

Absolutely, Communie’s preferred lender partner is Security National Mortgage and we can direct you to someone who can help.