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Tips for Choosing Your New Air Conditioner

Tips for Choosing Your New Air Conditioner

Making a selection of the right AC as per your requirements, involves a lot of considerations like affordability, setup, noise level, efficiency, warranty and many other things. To help you in your search for making a right choice, here is a list of things to be considered at the time of purchasing an AC:

Split AC or Window AC

Most consumers these days prefer split AC which comes in a set of two units – indoor and outdoor. On a comparative basis, a split AC produces less noise than a window AC. And also it is flexible to place a split AC as compared to a window AC which has to be fitted at windows


A/C Sizing & Cost

Yet another important aspect to keep in mind while making a selection of AC is its size which should correspond to the dimensions of the room that it has to be installed. So go for a size which best suits the dimensions of your room. If you install a bigger sized one in a comparatively smaller room, you will end up with too much cooling effect.


Understanding energy efficiency

Because of today’s high cost of energy, air conditioners are very expensive to operate, and they consume more than their share of our precious energy resources. Because of this, when choosing an air conditioner, the name of the game is efficiency—that is, an air conditioner’s ability to convert energy (electricity) into cooling in the most cost-effective way. You want maximum cooling for minimum bucks.

Energy-Saving Features

To achieve particularly high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating ratings, air conditioners may have any number of energy-saving features. Look for: large coils, a high temperature rating, a variable-speed blower, a fan-only switch, an automatic delay fan switch and a filter indicator light.


Essential features

These basic features which you need to look into, are the remote control, low noise levels, two fans with energy efficiency setting, sleep timer, adjustable thermostat, adjustable vent, exhaust vent and easy to remove and clean electrostatic filter.



Service and warranty period

Air conditioning warranties are key to ensuring that AC systems will last for many years. Before purchasing central air conditioning, ask for—and read—its warranty and be sure you understand the terms and restrictions.



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