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The Best Window Treatment Investment For Your New Home – Plantation Shutters

Without being completely biased I want to lay out a few of the reasons why I truly believe plantation shutters are the best option for homeowners when selecting the type of window treatments to use in their new home. This can be a critical decision as more people move into new homes as we begin to see signs of a housing market picking up steam here in Utah.

Temperature Regulation

One of the most often overlooked benefits of plantation shutters is the regulation of inside temperatures as a direct result of the shutter. This is applicable in both the very hot and dry summer months as well as the cold winter months (average temperatures can often be in the 20s or 30s) that Utah experiences. It is proven that wooden plantation shutters can reduce temperatures inside the home considerably during the summer months. Further, during the winter months some studies have shown that they can retain as much as almost 60% of heat normally lost through the window. This percentage is much higher than other types of window treatments such as store bought blinds, shades, drapes, etc. Needless to say, this translates into direct and often times big energy savings during both seasons when air conditioning and heating is constantly needed. These energy savings add up over the long run but also have an immediate impact for new home owners facing sticker shock of mortgage payments, one time house costs, and property taxes amongst other costs.

Durability and Safety

Certain types of window treatments can be both hazardous for children and extremely flimsy in their construction. One such example is store bought mini blinds. The warnings contained within these blinds are meant for a reason as the draw cords can be potentially fatal for small children. Making such a point isn’t meant to use fear to push home owners towards shutters but rather to state the obvious that these can be a very grave danger. If you do choose such a window treatment, one cannot be careful enough with small children. In addition, these store bought mini blinds or even drapes can be very short lived due to poor construction as well as children tearing and playing with the latter. Alternatively, plantation shutters feature no such draw cords as hazards and are constructed of hardwoods (and sometimes of a composite material) that are built to last for a literal lifetime in most cases.

Long Term Value

The final advantage of choosing plantation shutters for a new home is the value they add to the home. While homeowners may be skeptical of such a return due to the presumed long period before re-selling, we can see, as discussed above, the durability of shutters ensures that the shutters will be in good condition no matter if a sale is imminent or far in the future.

Whether you’re a new home owner or someone looking to sell your home immediately, the energy savings, durability, safety and long term value of shutters make them an unparalleled choice amongst window treatment options for your home. While undoubtedly they are not right for all homeowners due to their cost, they should be strongly considered when looking at the big picture of getting a return on your money and value for what you pay for beyond just ensuring privacy in your home.

We want to thank one of the HUB’s friends, Dexter Hoopes, who is CEO and Founder of Utah Shutters. Utah Shutters is a shutter company specializing in custom plantation shutters and is located at 2460 South 3200 West in West Valley City.