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How to Properly Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Spring Yard Clean Up

March is a good time to take stock of your yard. Here are 7 spring lawn care tips that will help you get your lawn started in the right direction this Spring:

Tip 1: Do Some Cleaning

Yard Cleaning
The first step you need to take when starting your Spring lawn care regime is to clean up your yard and ensure that the grass and soil are ready to be worked on. This includes allowing for adequate drying time so that the lawn and soil underneath is strong, as walking on soggy turf can damage fragile root systems beneath the surface.

Tip 2: Aeration

Aerate consolidated areas of the lawn with a fork or with a spiking machine. This will relieve compaction, improve drainage and allow more air into the root system leading to a healthier lawn.



Tip 3: Re-seed and Fertilize

Once the temperature is consistently around 15 degrees Celsius each day, it is safe to lay the seed. Use a slow-release fertilizer with low nitrogen on your lawn once warm weather is consistent to keep grass growing in full and green. Fertilizer can be re-applied throughout the growing season to keep your lawn looking great for the entire patio season.

Tip 4: Pick a Good, Heavy Mulch

Mulch and Bark Services
Once your lawn is cared for, edge out your beds, trim back dead branches on shrubs and replace the mulch. Professionals usually prefer hardwood bark mulches over ground wood chips that have been dyed brown. They look better and they last longer.


Tip 5: Feeding

It is essential that you feed your lawn during spring. The grass plants are growing rapidly at this time and, like any living thing, need the correct nutrients in the correct quantities in order to grow strong and healthy. Healthy plants mean a thicker, denser, weed and moss free.


Tip 6: Cut Back Vegetation

Bush Trimming
Turf, being a green plant organism, relies on light as well as the correct balance of heat, water, air and food. It is important where possible, that foliage and surrounding shrubs and trees around the lawn are cut back to reduce competition for water or essential nutrients, and to avoid leaving parts of the turf in constant shade.

Tip 7: Mow the Grass Regularly

Lawn Mowing
Mowing should be done roughly once a week, though how fast your grass will grow will depend on climate conditions. Keep grass cut to a height of about 2.5 to 3”, except in the hottest part of the summer, when you should let it grow about half an inch longer. Mowing keeps grass growing at a healthy rate and makes your lawn look neat and manicured.


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