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Wasatch County

Find a community, a home builder or a ready home in Wasatch County, Utah

Find home builders in Wasatch County, new home communitites in Wasatch County, Builder New Homes, Ready Homes or Existing Homes In Wasatch County, you have come to the right website. We have over hundreds of communities, homes for sale and builders to choose from.

New Home Communities In Wasatch County

Find new homes, model homes, home builders in Wasatch County new home communities.

Whitaker Farm

North Whitaker Farm Way, Midway, UT, USA  |  Midway City  |  Wasatch County

Nestled between iconic Memorial Hill and one of America’s best fly fishing rivers, Whitaker Farm provides the perfect combination of resort-style living and a quaint rural setting. The development is over 100 acres with preserved farmland and open space and […]

Stone Creek Estates- Ivory Homes

830 N 1310 E, Heber, Utah.  |  Heber City  |  Wasatch County

32 lots ranging from 10,000-12,000 sq. ft. in Heber City! Stone Creek is conveniently located near the Red Ledges Golf Course, and has 18 acres of open space and trails. Over 45 different Ivory Signature home plans can be built […]

Starting From: $650,000

Deer Mountain

12260 North Deer Mountain Boulevard, Heber City, UT, USA  |  Heber City  |  Wasatch County

Located in the Golden Triangle across from the Jordanelle soft launch, five minutes to Park City, five minutes to Mayflower Lift and 8 minutes to Kimball Junction, the homes are perched in exclusive Deer Mountain known for outstanding views of […]

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Starting From: $1,000,000

Heber Meadows

2890 SOUTH MILL ROAD HEBER, HEBER CITY, UT 84032  |  Heber City  |  Wasatch County

Live a life you love when you stake a claim at our new single family home community in Heber City. Nestled near the base of scenic Daniel’s Canyon, Heber Meadows offers large quarter-acre lots and 3-car garage options with every […]

Christensen Farm

Ivory Homes - Christensen Farms, Wild Mare Way, Heber City, UT, USA  |  Heber City  |  Wasatch County

Christensen Farms is a beautiful upcoming community in the heart of Heber. This sought after, quiet neighborhood is in between Deer Creek and Jordanelle Reservoir, and is just 5 minutes from I89. Anyone who loves fresh air and adventures will […]

Starting From: $700,000

Windflower- Heber

1200 S Mill Rd, Heber, Utah, USA  |  Heber City  |  Wasatch County

Welcome to our newest community, Windflower, Heber’s newest affordable single family home neighborhood. Close to everything right off 1200 S and Mill Road   Community is located at 1719 S 1030 E Heber, UT.

Starting From: $400,000

New Construction Homes In Wasatch County

Find Hundreds Of New Homes For Sale In Wasatch County.

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