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Amity Homes | Save Thousands With Communnie.
SELL SMART BUY SMARTER! Save Thousands When You Work With A Communie Agent

Amity Homes - Save Thousands With Communie

Getting The Big Things Right...Is About Getting The Little Things Right

Learn How To Save thousands With Amity Homes In Utah's New Homes Communities.

We build every home exactly as if it were our own. Our entire philosophy, process, and operating procedures have been built from the ground up by asking this simple question: What would a homeowner do, if they were building it themselves? That’s how we build homes. WE’VE BUILT OUR OWN HOME – OVER AND OVER AGAIN – FOR OVER TWO DECADES NOW…
Like a homeowner building for themselves, we do not compromise in the name of convenience. We are never “too busy” to get it right.Many times you’ll drop by your home for a visit and find us there working. Taking care of the little things that most home-builders and subs don’t think to care about. But you’d care. So we care.