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Hucklebury Homes | Save Thousands With Communnie.
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Hucklebury Homes - Save Thousands With Communie

Quaity, Enery,Efficient Homes

Learn How To Save thousands With Hucklebury Homes In Utah's New Homes Communities.

Whether you are looking for a custom home builder in Utah or you want a home that has already been built perfectly for you, Huckleberry Homes has what you need because we are your huckleberry! That 19th century phrase means that we are the team for the job, no matter how big or how small.

Since 2005, we have been building dreams to last a lifetime. We know how important your home is to you, as it provides shelter, comfort, and security to you and your family. With a team of local home-building experts and connections with a variety of subcontractors, Huckleberry Homes will help you feel right at home during our home-building process.

Though it has become obvious that saving energy helps both the environment and your wallet, many Utah home builders haven’t risen to the challenge of building energy-efficient homes, especially because Utah does not offer many rebates to builders for additional efficiency.

However, we, at Huckleberry Homes, have taken it upon ourselves to build homes according to energy standards while sticking to a reasonable budget. Our homes have:

Energy-efficient appliances
Fiberglass insulation
Insulated attics
Efficient air ducts to prevent heat and air conditioning loss
Low-E windows
A 96 percent efficiency furnace
By building homes that are energy efficient, you can save money on utilities while lessening your footprint on the environment.

We specialize in building homes in the Wasatch front, and in the Unitah basin. The team at Huckleberry Homes specializes in building homes in the Uintah Basin area and recently doubled the amount of homes we were able to build. We anticipate exponential growth in the future. We will never, however, lose our small-business feel, as we treat each of our clients with respect and friendliness.