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Stewart & Co Inc. - Save Thousands With Communie

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Learn How To Save thousands With Stewart & Co Inc. In Utah's New Homes Communities.

Since the early days of our company we have been focused on quality and expertise. It has been shown that all too often most general contractors are really merely “paper contractors.” That is they have little expertise in any specific field and principally rely upon subcontractors who have ability to proceed with the technical portions for the project. This is not true of Stewart & Co., Inc. we have expertise in all areas of constructions and have accomplished these. At times we have been the only contractor available in high altitude mountainous locations, where we had to have complete knowledge base for proceeding. We know all the trades and how they are required to be accomplished. Therefore you are dealing with an expert of experts. This will give you comfort and peace of mind on your project that it is being managed by competent personal. We have completed numerous projects whether large residential homes in difficult mountainous locations, digital microwave networks (with repeater sights at over 13,500 ft. elevations), treatment plants, schools, shopping mauls, hospitals, missile base, high voltage transmission lines (both overhead and underground), solar and wind generation power systems, emergency generation and UPS-battery back up systems. We have “in-house” electrical contracting, audio/video, home theater, distributed audio and color touch-screen controlled automations for any systems: this lends itself to additional savings and implementations for state-of-art implementations at cost savings.

In this same light, we offer our expertise to help you evaluate and plan your project. This includes Free Plans (See Free Plans). When we have completed your project planning and estimations you will have confidence that you are within budget for your project, there are not any hidden surprises. We guarantee our contract with you based on absence of catastrophic failure due to consequences beyond anyone’s control (such as natural disasters, extreme vandalism, etc.).

The end result of your contract with Stewart & Co., Inc., will be a project with lasting value and a legacy of continuing pride and durability.

Vista Ridge- Lehi

1590 W Morning View Way Lehi, UT. 84043  |  Utah County  |  Lehi City

Come stand with us on these lots in Traverse Mountain and envision the stunning craftsman homes that will go up here as per your exact specifications. Give us a call, and let’s start talking, dreaming, and building!

Starting From: $500,000 To: 600000
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