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Learn How To Save thousands With Rooted & Co. In Utah's New Homes Communities.

Rooted in experience and focused on creating your vision, Rooted & Co. is all about a trusted approach to residential, commercial, and investment real estate. We bring best-in-class service to the Salt Lake City market through our deep understanding of every detail and step along the process. With an eye for design and premium property, Rooted & Co. crafts a personalized experience for every buyer, seller, and investor.

We are not new to this. We have years of experience in real estate buying, selling, and investing. Rooted & Co. knows the ins and outs of every part of the process. We can help you see the vision of a space and understand what is possible. Then, we walk you through the buying/selling process with ease and clarity.

Rooted & Co. has worked with clients on countless home purchases and remodels. We help get exactly what they want out of their home. We don’t consider our job to be done when the sale goes through. Our job is done when you are fully satisfied and moved into your new space. Our preferred lenders, contractors, designers, and more can do a great job for you should you choose to take that step.

We work to truly understand each individual we work with. Also, what you are looking for and how best to make that a reality. Our internal systems make the entire real estate process simple and efficient for the client.

The Row at Guadalupe Park

473 Beaumont Ct, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, USA  |  Salt Lake County  |  Salt Lake City

Live where you work and play. The Row at Guadalupe Park is a brand new development. It brings modern design at an affordable price to Downtown Salt Lake City. Rooted & Co. is proud to be involved on every level […]

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