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Jennings Homes - Save Thousands With Communie

A Contemporary Home Developer

Learn How To Save thousands With Jennings Homes In Utah's New Homes Communities.

Inspired by the thrill of innovation, Jennings Homes’ vision is to create breathtaking, contemporary designs and life-style spaces. When considering physical spaces, an often-used term is Fung Shui, which is created by elements that generate warmth, serenity, and positive feelings in the human spirit. Fung Shui also involves the interaction of the immediate as well as distant surroundings to achieve a balanced and calm feeling. Jennings Homes’ works thoughtfully to deliver such spaces. The company has largely focused on development in Park City’s Promontory Resort due to a strong belief that Park City offers one of the most accessible and reasonably priced ski resorts in North America.

Environmentally Friendly
Great care is taken to ensure that each home built by Jennings Homes is an environmentally-friendly construction, both during the building process and by incorporating some environmentally-conscious elements in the design that improve energy efficiency as well as sustain the long-term value of the home.

Furthermore, specific attention is given to the placement of each home on its lot to ensure the house enjoys the best views possible and that its windows provide optimal self-heating of the home during the winter months.

Radon Detection and Removal System – After the initial foundation is excavated, a radon removal and detection system is installed around the footing of the home as part of the foundation.  The release of radon gas is a natural phenomenon; however, the gas is often released only after the house is constructed due to the typical disturbance caused by the construction process.

Windows & Doors – All windows and doors are double-paned and feature the highest quality of installation to make the house essentially air-tight.

Insulation – Prior to drywall installation, the highest-rate insulation is used, with R-30 insulation placed in the walls and R-84 insulation in the ceilings and attic. The quality of insulation increases the direct energy savings of the home, reducing monthly gas bills as well as air conditioning costs in the summer. Additionally, the garage is completely insulated for winter use.

Natural Building Products – The finished carpentry features all-natural woods and no melamine, which is known to release gases after its installation, often during the first two years of occupancy in a new house.

Promontory Park City

8758 N Promontory Ranch Rd, Park City, UT 84098, USA  |  Park City  |  Summit County

For more than 15 years, Promontory has been etched into the hearts of families in search of a multi-generational mountain club like no other. Imagine a private mountain playground where families grow closer to each other. A place where parents […]

Painted Sky

3300 Blue Sage Trail, Park City, UT, USA  |  Park City  |  Summit County

With one-plus acre homesites, Painted Sky is a highly sought-after neighborhood located within walking distance to many of the community’s well-appointed club amenities. Situated at approximately 7,000 feet, Painted Sky offers commanding views of the surrounding ski areas, as well […]

Deer Crossing- Promontory

3811 East Rockport Ridge Road, Park City, UT, USA  |  Park City  |  Summit County

One of the first neighborhoods originally built in Promontory, Deer Crossing is a well-established area with more built homes than lots for sale. The neighborhood predominantly offers views of the Wasatch Mountains and is ideal for estate-sized homes of up […]

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